Process for applicants

From applying to RE-ALIS to starting work in Germany: the chronological sequence

  1. RE-ALIS application process


    To apply, please use the relevant application form for the project location . After you have applied, we, RE-ALIS, will contact you and complete your profile together with you. We then present your CV to our partners in Germany and accompany you (usually online) to job interviews with hospitals. As soon as a suitable hospital has been found for you, you will sign a project contract.

  2. RE-ALIS full-time language course icon image


    You will learn the German language in a 9-month full-time language course with one of our cooperation partners . Meanwhile we collect all relevant documents and translate them for the embassy. You are required to successfully pass the B2 exam within the allotted time. After you have successfully passed this exam, you will complete a recognition course with our cooperation partner.

  3. RE-ALIS scholarship icon image

    Departure and work in Germany

    After successfully completing the application process, you will receive a visa to work in Germany. You will travel to your employer, who will provide you with accommodation. There you will start your recognition internship to demonstrate your skills and knowledge as a nursing professional. After successfully completing the internship, you will receive your certificate of recognition. Congratulations! You are now a registered nurse in a German hospital!