About the project

To implement our vision, we have developed a special approach

Our cooperation partners are exclusively language schools abroad and German hospitals, with whom we carry out joint recruitment projects. The hospitals receive a project contract from us, which they conclude with the selected candidates. At RE-ALIS we implement this contract on behalf of the hospitals. Through the project contract, we ensure that the professionals and the hospital are guaranteed language training and the entire visa and recognition process.

Our full-time intensive language course specifically prepares nursing professionals for the language exam and life in Germany. Thanks to a scholarship, they can fully concentrate on their language training during this time without having to work. Our dedicated cooperation language schools accompany participants up to the B2 exam and provide first-class instruction.

We attach great importance to clear processes to ensure high quality and fair conditions for all participants.

At the same time, we support our partner hospitals in preparing for the recognition and integration phase.

The project structure applies to all countries in which we are active.

How it works

  1. RE-ALIS application process

    Job Interview

    The job interview between the nursing staff and the hospitals abroad is extremely important to us. We prepare this carefully and accompany the discussions on site or online with translators. In this way, we create a good match between employer and employee, which is the basis for long-term cooperation.

  2. RE-ALIS full-time language course icon image

    Full-time language course

    • Our teaching program is carried out with modern, German conditions and methods
    • The full-time language course extends over a period of 8 to 9 months and takes place from Monday to Friday. A total of more than 1,000 lessons are offered.
  3. RE-ALIS scholarship icon image


    • With this program, nurses receive financial support from the beginning of the language course through a scholarship
    • With our administrative and legal support in the preparation and translation of all necessary documents, we routinely prepare the way for departure to Germany during the language training
  4. IMG 20230617 112846 798

    Professional Recognition and Work Visa

    We collect, translate and certify all the necessary documents and submit the application for recognition to the German authorities.

    • recognition with the German authorities
    • We organise the work visa
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    Entry into Germany

    After the flight ticket has been booked, the group flies to Germany to their employer

  6. Design ohne Titel

    Professional recognition with the employer

    Once everything is done, there is nothing standing in the way of your professional career in Germany.

Stimmen von RE-ALIS

  • “We have had very good experiences with this teaching method. A good language qualification makes integration, work and life in Germany easier.”

    – Asllan Ruko, Administrator i Projektit

  • "The decision to emigrate to Germany is certainly not easy. We take our responsibility seriously and support you throughout the language training and visa process. It is extremely important to us that professionals can concentrate entirely on language teaching - and hospitals can concentrate on integration!"

    – Simon Jäger, Administrator i RE-ALIS

  • “Nursing staff decide for themselves which employer they want to work for in the future. Once the employer and employee have found each other, the project can begin. There are no hidden costs or unfair conditions. We promise!”

    – Aurel Zyka, Koordinator i Projektit